StoryCorps Interview with Dr. Wood

Flagstaff, AZ; March 23, 2006

Listen to this 47-min audio recording of a StoryCorps interview with Fred B. Wood III conducted by Lorraine Ferrante, caretaker for Dr. Wood. A partial transcript is shown below, verbatim except for grammatical corrections and brief explanation.

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Q. Hello Dr. Wood. Please tell us how old you are and where you were born?
A. I am 88 years old, and I was born in Sacramento CA in 1917.

Q. What can you tell us that stands out in your mind during that time?
A. As a developing fetus I learned a lot about world problems. In 1917 when I was in my mother’s womb, I remember my mother worked as a political activist for the Socialist Party in the USA. My father, her husband, was a leader in the California Republican Party. She had to stop making public statements, but my Dad okayed her to participate in prayer meetings at churches.

Q. At that time there was no credible source to substantiate this phenomena of memory in the womb, is that correct?
A. Yes, that is correct. In this decade, though, there are numerous documentations on this topic. The articles in the magazine published by IONS in Petaluma, CA, listed below are examples:

Heinberg, Richard, “Creativity Begins in the Womb,” SHIFT Magazine: At the Frontiers of Consciousness, March-May 2005;
McCarty, Wendy Anne, “Nurturing the Possible,” SHIFT Magazine: At the Frontiers of Consciousness, March-May 2005.

Over the years, I have done a considerable amount of research on this and how when I was three years old I lost the ability of my brain to communicate with my soul from the severance of my foreskin that removed thousands of nerve connectors.

Q. Today there are many doctors and scholars who openly oppose circumcision and you believe it is one of the major contributors of the collapse of our civilization?
A. Yes.

Q. Did you serve in the War (World War II)?
A. In an unusual way. In 1939 when I was a senior in college, I had a job at Berkeley (University of California at Berkeley) as a radiation technician. I worked with rare gases and potentially dangerous explosives. This gave me the confidence to understand the seriousness of what was to come later.
In the beginning of the 1940s,I worked under military house arrest (for security reasons with regard to microwave radar research at MIT). (The radar) stopped Hitler’s attempt to cross the English Channel three times. The military house arrest lasted for 11 months.

Dr. Papp, years later, used the same rare gases that blew up on me in 1939 (at a UC Berkeley lab), and burnt down one end of the cyclotron building on the Berkeley campus.
For details on the Papp Machine, see references in the magazine Atlantis Rising.

Q. And then you married?
A. Yes, in 1942 I married. I had two sons. One born in 1945 Fred the IV, and the second, Peter, was born in 1948. I was married for 40 years. My wife passed away in 1982.

Q. During that time you worked for IBM?
A. That’s correct. I started working for IBM in 1952, and worked for them for 27 years. One of the most significant experiences I had had through my years with IBM was that IBM management was very hostile to the ethical views I had. Jewish people were very hostile towards me when they discovered I worked for IBM. Some of them showed me pictures of the president of IBM with Hitler, negotiating the sale or leasing of IBM computers (to Nazi Germany) to compute priorities for killing each Jew in the ghettos of Europe.
The henchmen of the ruling class. I want the people to understand how crooked our system can be, and how it dominates.

Q. I understand you were involved with resisting the efforts of “The Unamerican Activity Committee” to suppress the public discussion of many political interests, the McCarthy Investigation?
A. In 1954, two years after I was working for IBM, I was the treasurer of the San Jose Unitarian Church. (NB: As a Church officer, Fred helped defend the Church against the McCarthy inquiry.)

Q. Where did you get your doctorate?
A. At UC Berkeley in 1953.

Q. Is this where you were introduced to Maxwell’s Equations?
A. It was in my sophomore year in college. I found an additional root (to Maxwell’s Equations of Electromagnetics) that I was suppressed from speaking out about. It was at this time that I realized the Third Root of Maxwell’s Equations provided the basis for communication between the brain and the soul, thus (with the suppression) preventing the knowledge and understanding of the masses (of) the connection this root has to the connection of our brain and soul.

(Such) Electromagnetic waves do exist. I made the hypotheses in 1956 in a paper that I wrote for a presentation in London about the electromagnetic fields. I also presented a paper in Havana on the same topic on how this root contains energy from the quantum vacuum that correlates directly to the human formation of moral values.

Q. What is your involvement with the development of systems theory?
A. In the late 1930s, I became acquainted with a group in Austria that (was) developing a theory of unified sciences. Ludwig von Bertalanfy came to America where we worked together to organize an American group called the Society for the Promotion of General Systems Theory. The IRS denied our request for non-profit status. With the help of IBM, we changed the application to the (Society for General Systems Research). By 1954, the (SGSR) had annual meetings looking at the progress of General Systems Theory, which is still (operating) today (as the International Society for the Systems Sciences). They are having a meeting in Sonoma CA in July 2006.

Q. After your recounting of the suppression of the true understanding of the theory of Maxwell’s Equations, the opposing of the Loyalty Oath, and collaboration with the development of systems theory, how would you sum up your life’s work?
A. In 1971, I started research on the rise and fall of civilization. I prepared a one page summary in graphic form to illustrate the major conclusions of the historians working with (Arnold) Toynbee.
By Using systems theory, I am trying to establish a more scientific base on how the scientific analysis exists about the third root of the partial differential equations of electricity and magnetism and the “soul” in religion.

See how people are suppressed, by the henchmen of the ruling class, I felt that I needed to do something to help our civilization head off the descent to “friendly or fatal facism.”

Q. What brought you to Flagstaff?
A. The Planet X controversy in which the concealed information on the path of Planet X might lead to an amplifying tsunami that could wipe out the San Francisco Bay Area led me to pick Flagstaff as a safer place to live.

Q. What do you foresee for the future of our civilization?
A. For our civilization to survive, we must solve two problems:
First we must develop an understanding of the relationship of the “soul” and “third order electromagnetic waves.”
Second we must develop a Leontiev Matrix of the world economic system that leads to decisions consistent with policies that are consistent with scientific knowledge of how our planet works.
I am working on the first problem and could use some help.
(On the second problem, Dr. Wood referenced Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, Washington DC, and the book “PLAN B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and A Civilization in Trouble,” 2006.)