About Us

This website was commissioned by the immediate family of Frederick Bernard Wood, in response to his desire that his lifeworks be made available to interested persons and the general public.

The website is based on the personal collections of Frederick Bernard Wood, including published papers, working papers, working notes, journals, photographs, and other materials that he saved and stored first in Berkeley CA then in San Jose CA and finally in Flagstaff AZ, from his educational years through his entire adult life.

The personal collections and this website are under the overall stewardship of Fred Bernard’s two sons, Frederick Bruce Wood and Peter Mead Wood, co-trustees of the Fred Bernard Wood Trust.


Overall feedback and follow-up research or cross-linking

Contact Fred or Peter Wood:

Fred, fbwood [at] mindspring [dot] com, cell: 703-615-4910

Peter, pwood [at] lmi [dot] com, cell: 505-830-7375


Comments on technical, web design, and usability topics

Contact Lynne, lynnejpurvis [at] gmail [dot] com

Web Team

Fred Wood, Peter Wood, Rebecca Wood, Lynne Purvis

Special thanks to Rebecca for document sorting and organization,
and to Lynne for website design and implementation.


Intellectual property

The entire contents of this website are copyrighted by the Fred Bernard Wood Trust.

Documents and other materials on this website may be freely downloaded, so long as any subsequent use is with appropriate attribution, to the specific document(s) cited with copyright, in most cases, attributed to Fred Bernard Wood or equivalent, or to the website as a whole, www.fredbernardwood.org, Fred Bernard Wood Trust.