Systems Theory & Cybernetics

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1956-12-26 Cybernetics File Classes VIEW (manuscript)
1957-06-06 Preliminary Note on Application of Statistical Decision Theory to Business Data Systems VIEW (memorandum)
1957-12-13 United Nations, Information Theory, Cybernetics, and Decision Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1958-04-28 Preliminary Survey of the Application of Communication Theory and Related Theoretical Techniques to Data Transmission and other Machine Component Areas VIEW (memorandum)
1958-12-02 Feedback Circuits in Computers and Society VIEW (manuscript)
1958-12-18 Communication Theory & the Data Communication Research Program VIEW (manuscript)
1959-07-03 Information of Negative Entropy in Information Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1960-03-16 Information Retrieval Problems in the Distant Future VIEW (memorandum)
1963-06-03 Problems to be Referred to the Society for General Systems Research VIEW (manuscript)
1963-12-27 Negentropy and the concepts of Freedom, Democracy, and Justice FULL VIEW (manuscript)
1964-02-16 Short Bibliography of Cybernetic, Information Theory, and General Systems Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1964-06-21 Historical Perspective of Cybernetics and Information Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1964-07-08 A General Systems Theoretic Model for the Estimation of the Negentropy of Sociological Systems Through the Application of Two Isomorphic Electrical Communication Networks. VIEW (manuscript)
1965-03-13 Proposed Stages of Application of Cybernetics to the United States Political and Economic System VIEW (manuscript)
1965-03-27 Questions Concerning Three Levels of Information Theory and the Trinity VIEW (manuscript)
1965-05-01 A Perspective of the Functions of the Major US Organizations in Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Information Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1965-05-08 Cybernetics and the Next Step in Civilization VIEW (manuscript)
1966-01-31 Cybernetics and Public Order VIEW (manuscript)
1967-01-22 Cybernetics VIEW (manuscript)
1967-01-27 The Philosophy of General Systems Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1967-01-31 Historical Notes on Preparation of, Outline of Supporting Arguments for, and Outline of the Communication Theory in the Cause of Man VIEW (manuscript)
1967-07-16 A Short Bibliography on Cybernetics and Related Topics in Communication Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1969-01-01 A Snapshot of Cybernetic Models & Technologies VIEW (manuscript)
1969-01-29 how to Use Cybernetics to Beat the Bureaucracy VIEW (manuscript)
1969-03-06 Cybernetics and The Disconnected Society VIEW (manuscript)
1969-05-22 The Use of Cybernetics to Solve an Employee Communication Problem VIEW Careers and the MBA
1969-12-01 Negative Feedback Loops of Cybernetics VIEW (manuscript)
1970-01-28 Proposal for Using Concepts from Cybernetics to Help Solve an Emplyee Communication Problem concerning Company Bulletin Boards VIEW (manuscript)
1974-09-28 Communication Theory in the Cause of Man, Volume 3, Number 1 VIEW CTCM
1979-01-01 A Proposal for a Quasi-Completeness Test of General Systems Theories using computer-conferencing and computer database-searching coordinated with a public VIEW SGSR
1983-05-01 Communication Theory in the Cause of Man, Volume 4, Number 2 VIEW CTCM
1986-02-26 Values in Decision Making on World Problems VIEW (manuscript)
1986-05-01 Applying Systems Theory to the Problem of World Peace: A Case Study of Glacial Cycles and Climate Change VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-03-31 Information Theory and Political Communication: The Use of Negentropy as a Measure of Democracy VIEW (manuscript)
1988-01-01 Information Entropy as a Basis for Media Access Allocation VIEW Systems Research
1994-06-15 Database Structure For Connecting Systems Theory with Science and Political Action, Part I VIEW (manuscript)
1994-06-16 Database Stucture, Part II, for Testing Block Simulation of Glaciation Cycle and Climate Change Problem VIEW (manuscript)
1995-06-21 Mission Dialogue to Convert Capitalism to "Cybernetic-Systems Information Theoretical market Socialism" VIEW (manuscript)