World Peace

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1959-07-03 Information of Negative Entropy in Information Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1960-11-08 Socio Engineering Problems VIEW (manuscript)
1962-02-24 Peace and Freedom VIEW (manuscript)
1962-05-11 Example of Use of Checking Chart, Part II: Time Scale of Atomic Energy Development, Estimating Primary Pile Locations, Secondary Pile Locations, Atomic Development Authority VIEW (manuscript)
1963-05-22 Abstract of A Research Plan for "Communication Theory in the Cause of Man" VIEW (manuscript)
1963-07-01 Universal Militray Training VIEW (manuscript)
1964-05-31 Negentropy and the Concepts of Freedom, Democracy, and Justice (Article) VIEW (manuscript)
1965-03-27 Uniform Continuity & World Peace, or the Concept of a Justice Vector VIEW (manuscript)
1965-09-03 Four Philosophical Tools For Improving our Insights Regarding the Problems of Disarmament VIEW (manuscript)
1965-10-07 Specialization and Dehumanization VIEW (manuscript)
1967-01-31 The Concept of Social Engineering: VIEW (manuscript)
1967-02-03 Continuation of Discussion of Engineering Sociology VIEW (manuscript)
1967-08-09 How can we Judge the Morality of the United States\'s Action in Vietnam? VIEW (manuscript)
1967-10-25 Letter to David Shapiro VIEW (manuscript)
1968-07-27 The Evolution of Non-Violence from a Universe Characterized by Violence VIEW (manuscript)
1968-08-11 To Reduce the Sterility of Science VIEW SSRS Newsletter
1970-04-17 Letter to the Editor about Vietnam War VIEW (letter)
1986-02-26 A Hypothesis on Geophysical Cycles, Techno-Sociological Evolution and World Peace VIEW (manuscript)
1986-05-01 Applying Systems Theory to the Problem of World Peace: A Case Study of Glacial Cycles and Climate Change VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-10-02 Use of GST to Search for the Second Danger Line (Geophysical) in the Evolution of Civilization and its relationship to the First Danger Line (Nuclear Winter) VIEW (manuscript)
1991-05-18 A Proposal to Replace the 6000 year Patriarchal Sociological System with the Partnership Way to obtain Worldwide Peace and Freedom in Twenty Years Through the Use of Cybernetic Systems Concepts VIEW (manuscript)
1993-02-28 Reviving the 1941 MIT Radiation Laboratory "Zeitgeist" to Attack Starvation and Climate Change VIEW (manuscript)
1995-07-07 Role of Geophysical Cycles in Triggering Human Violence VIEW (manuscript)