Climate Change & Social Evolution

"It is very important that we get a better perspective of the climate cycles on our planet. Study of paleoclimatology indicates that the world’s wind patterns and ocean currents could change to a mode characteristic of glacliation in as short a period as twenty years. When such a mode change occurs, the shortening of the crop growing seasons in the temperate zones could cause major crop failures and worldwide starvation. It is correct that it would be many thousands of years before we would see glaciers coming down into the United States and Europe; however half of us would die in the first twenty years due to crop failures and destabilization of government institutions.

I rate catastrophic climate change leading to glaciation as having a 75% probability of occuring in the next fifteen years. During the same period, I rate the greenhouse warming effect as having a 25% probability of pushing the climate toward some new equilibrium point different from the twenty—two cycles we have had in the last two mill ion years. I cannot prove we are currently going into the next glacial period. However I would regret not taking action to prevent worldwide starvation where I feel that there is a 75% probability of it occuring."

from the Policy Statement of FBWIII's Computer Social Impact Research Institute

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1958-10-12 SEPR 2 VIEW (manuscript)
1960-03-16 Information Retrieval Problems in the Distant Future VIEW (memorandum)
1969-10-09 Workshop Outline on Cybernetic Aspects of Social and Technical Processes that Endanger the Ecological Balance VIEW (manuscript)
1981-09-27 Notes on Energy & Environment VIEW (manuscript)
1983-03-28 Major World Problems Classified by Grade and Time to Go Critical VIEW (manuscript)
1983-05-01 Communication Theory in the Cause of Man, Volume 4, Number 2 VIEW CTCM
1983-05-01 Using the Philosophy of GST to Integrate the Data of Carbon-Dioxide Buildup Impact on Glaciation VIEW (manuscript)
1983-06-15 First Planetary Congress - Ecology Workshop Session VIEW (manuscript)
1983-12-08 Ecological Diagrams VIEW (manuscript)
1984-03-18 General Systems View of Agriculture, Climate, and Glaciation VIEW (manuscript)
1984-07-23 Specifications for Developing a Computer Simulation of Carbon Dioxide, Climate, and Glaciation VIEW (manuscript)
1985-09-22 The Gaia Hypothesis, Glaciation, and Climate Cycles: How Can Humankind Develop a Shared Coevolutionary Relationship with the Biosphere? VIEW Is the Earth A Living Organism?
1985-11-05 Decision Analysis and Computer Simulation Applied to Federal Policy Issues: A Case Study of Climate Change VIEW (manuscript)
1986-02-21 Quality of Life Action VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-02-26 Values in Decision Making on World Problems VIEW (manuscript)
1986-02-26 A Hypothesis on Geophysical Cycles, Techno-Sociological Evolution and World Peace VIEW (manuscript)
1986-03-14 Earth Regeneration Program VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-05-01 Applying Systems Theory to the Problem of World Peace: A Case Study of Glacial Cycles and Climate Change VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-05-04 Philadelphia, Climate, and Interdependence VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-09-01 Carbon Dioxide & Climate VIEW CO2 & Climate
1986-10-02 Use of GST to Search for the Second Danger Line (Geophysical) in the Evolution of Civilization and its relationship to the First Danger Line (Nuclear Winter) VIEW (manuscript)
1986-10-24 Climactic Changes: The Greenhouse Effect vs.a New Ice Age VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-01-30 C02 Reduction and Climate Stabilization VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-04-15 Climate is Changing Rapidly VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-06-01 Philosophy of Testing Hypotheses and Matrix of Climate Theories vs. Evidence VIEW (manuscript)
1987-06-01 The Development of Co-Evolution with the Biosphere into Philosophical, Scientific, Engineering, Educational, Decision, and Action Components VIEW (manuscript)
1987-09-23 Soil Sustainability VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-09-26 Do Fourth World Groups Have to Know Whether the World is Flat or Round? VIEW (manuscript)
1987-10-23 To the United States Media: Please inform the public growing climate emergency VIEW CO2 & Climate
1987-11-19 Press Release: AFL-CIO Action on Climate, Food, and Jobs; Cloud cover and Cooling in Higher Latitudes VIEW (manuscript)
1988-01-14 Stabilization of Climate, Session F6 VIEW C02 & Climate
1988-01-28 Analysis and Planning for CO2 Reduction and Climate Stabilization (abstract) VIEW C02 & Climate
1988-02-25 Climate Stabilization, the Central Focus of Regional Planning VIEW C02 & Climate
1988-03-03 The GAIA Hypothesis and Nine Threats to the Survival of Civilization VIEW (manuscript)
1988-07-02 Geophysical Processes, Climate Cycles, and Nutrition VIEW (manuscript)
1988-12-06 What Signal are We Looking for in Connection with the Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Warming Effect? VIEW (manuscript)
1989-04-01 A Convergence of Individual Consciousness, Social Consciousness, and Geophysical Consciousness with the Scattered Fragements of Modern Science, To Solve our Ecological Problems VIEW (manuscript)
1989-05-05 Paper to WILPF suggesting Adding Geophysical Consciousness VIEW (manuscript)
1989-11-12 A Philosophical Perspective on How Our Human Civilization could Synchronize the Modificiation fo the Natural Glacial Cycle with Conversion to a Partnership Social Order to Co-evolve with the Biosphere and Reach a New Level of Peace And Justice VIEW (manuscript)
1990-06-14 Commentary on Unitarian Womanquest Conference 1990 VIEW (manuscript)
1990-07-09 Engineering Philosophy of Combining Top-down and Bottom-up Systems Analyses of Climate Change VIEW (manuscript)
1990-07-18 Emergency Climate Stabilization and the Earth Regeneration Act of 1990 VIEW Earth Regeneration Society
1990-10-14 Handbook for a Shareable Strategy of Coevolution with the Biosphere VIEW CSIRI
1991-01-01 A Call for Action VIEW Remineralize the Earth
1991-03-08 Remineralize the Earth to Reduce Carbon Dioxide VIEW (manuscript)
1991-03-21 Hierarchy of Ice Eras VIEW (manuscript)
1991-04-08 What Bioethics Questions does the Rising Level of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide pose for Human Civilization? VIEW (manuscript)
1991-05-18 A Proposal to Replace the 6000 year Patriarchal Sociological System with the Partnership Way to obtain Worldwide Peace and Freedom in Twenty Years Through the Use of Cybernetic Systems Concepts VIEW (manuscript)
1991-06-01 Synopsis of Hamaker Thesis on the Soil Nutrition Theory of Glacial Cycles Involving Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide as a Signal in the Present 2.5 Million Year Ice Epoch VIEW (manuscript)
1992-01-02 Geo-Social-Individual Activating Systems Theory VIEW (manuscript)
1992-07-10 Climate Cycles and the Development of Civilization VIEW (manuscript)
1992-08-23 Cube of Perspectives on Deep Ecology VIEW (manuscript)
1992-10-01 Whose World to Lose VIEW Whose World to Lose
1993-01-01 A Visionary View of Whole Systems Practice by and for the People in the Year 2020 AD VIEW (manuscript)
1993-02-28 Reviving the 1941 MIT Radiation Laboratory "Zeitgeist" to Attack Starvation and Climate Change VIEW (manuscript)
1993-02-28 Understanding of Glacial Cycles as A Prerequesite to Understanding Climate Change VIEW (manuscript)
1993-07-18 The A Not-Equal A Completeness Principle VIEW (manuscript)
1993-10-31 General Systems Analysis of Basic Nuclear Energy Sources in our Solar System and the Chain of Processes they Trigger to Support Life on Planet Earth VIEW (manuscript)
1993-10-31 General Systems Analysis of Communication with the Godhead VIEW (manuscript)
1993-11-01 Progress Report on Evaluation of Hamaker Thesis on Glacial Cycles, CO2, & Soil Nutrition VIEW (manuscript)
1994-05-23 Proposal for Increasing the Food Production and Economic Self-Sufficiency of Cuba by Soil Remineralization and Other Natural Supplements from Local Sources VIEW (manuscript)
1994-06-16 Database Stucture, Part II, for Testing Block Simulation of Glaciation Cycle and Climate Change Problem VIEW (manuscript)
1995-03-05 A Quasi-Completeness Test for Analysis of the Rise and Fall of Civiliization VIEW (manuscript)
1995-07-07 Role of Geophysical Cycles in Triggering Human Violence VIEW (manuscript)
1995-11-19 Plan for Helping People Move to the next Step in Civilization VIEW (manuscript)
2000-01-01 Progress Report on a Global Simulation of a Slice of the Global Climate System VIEW (manuscript)
2001-02-14 A Start of a Proto-Encyclopedia of Systems Theory Concepts Needed for Relating Climate Cycles to the Survival of Human Civilization VIEW (manuscript)