Socio-Engineering Problems Reports

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1958-08-27 001 The Social Responsibility of Engineers VIEW
1958-10-12 002 SEPR 2 VIEW
1958-12-02 003 Feedback Circuits in Computers and Society VIEW
1959-03-26 004 SEPR 4 VIEW
1959-07-03 005 Information of Negative Entropy in Information Theory VIEW
1963-06-02 006 A Review of SEPR Issues 1-5 VIEW
1963-06-03 007 Problems to be Referred to the Society for General Systems Research VIEW
1960-05-02 008 Word Frequency Distribution, Sentence Structure, Article Comprehension VIEW
1960-11-08 009 Socio Engineering Problems VIEW
1962-03-13 009A Partial Derivatives of History VIEW
1960-12-04 010 Historical Significance of Various Events VIEW
1962-04-02 011 The History of Electromagnetic Theory VIEW
1962-05-07 012 Historical Perspective: Some Notes on the Relationship Between Engineering, Science, and Society VIEW
1962-05-08 013 The Dilemma of Specialization: Future Perspective VIEW
1962-05-10 014 Example of Use of Checking Chart: Checking Chart, Historical Perspective, and World Power Production VIEW
1962-05-11 015A Example of Use of Checking Chart, Part II: Time Scale of Atomic Energy Development, Estimating Primary Pile Locations, Secondary Pile Locations, Atomic Development Authority VIEW
1967-01-26 015B The N.A.M. (National Association of Manufacturers) in 1946-1947 VIEW
1969-02-19 015C Historical Trend of Number of Scientific Discoveries and Technological Inventions per Century VIEW
1962-03-12 016 Problems of the Rigidity of Classical Disciplines and of Specialization VIEW
1962-06-19 017 Communication Theory in Perspective VIEW
1962-06-30 018 The Lost Symbols and the Noosphere VIEW
1964-01-12 019AB Frontier Problems of Engineering Sociology: Communication Theory in Science and Religion VIEW
1983-09-14 019CD Historical Notes on Negentropy and Political Systems VIEW
1964-03-14 020A-E An Evaluation of Some Approaches to the Social Responsibility of Engineers VIEW
1966-09-03 020F Multiple Roles of An Engineer in a Business Society and the Concept of "Identity Closures" VIEW
1961-02-17 021 A Summary of the Principle Ideas Discussed in A Series of Thirty-five meetings of a Church Young People's Group in 1941-1942 VIEW
1962-07-07 021A-022A The Nature of the Social Responsibility of Engineers, Parts I & II VIEW
1962-08-13 023 A Checking Chart for the Use of Computer Engineers in Developing Social Responsibility, Part I VIEW
1962-08-14 024 A Checking Chart for the Use of Computer Engineers in Developing Social Responsibility, Part II VIEW
1962-11-19 025 A Checking Chart for the Use of Computer Engineers Developed from a "Generalist" Description of Culture: Part I VIEW
1962-12-10 026 A Checking Chart for the Use of Computer Engineers Developed from a "Generalist" Description of Culture: Part II VIEW
1962-11-22 027B Revisions to The Social Responsbility of Engineers and Scientists VIEW
1962-11-21 027C Question of Professionalism and the Proposed Program to Achieve Unity from the Viewpoint of Engineers in Research Activity VIEW
1967-01-16 027E Review of Developments Since the Publication of The Social Responsibility Paper VIEW
1962-11-23 028 Outline & Bibliography for Seminar: "How Is Your Sociological Imagination?" VIEW
1962-11-24 029 Supplement to Issue 28-A: How is Your Sociological Imagination? VIEW
1963-05-30 031 Logarithmic Curves VIEW
1965-03-27 032A A Visit to Klopstockia VIEW
1965-03-27 032B Uniform Continuity & World Peace, or the Concept of a Justice Vector VIEW
1965-06-07 032C The Development of Society VIEW
1963-05-30 033B Application of Theory of Functions of Real Variables VIEW
1961-05-02 034 Historical and Future Perspective VIEW
1967-01-17 035 Some Vital Questions VIEW
1961-03-04 035 In what kind of universe do we humans live? VIEW
1963-03-17 037 Correlation Comittee Data: Principal Ideas Covered in 35 Group Meetings in 1941-1942 VIEW
1946-12-14 038 Preliminary Considerations in Regard to the Social Responsibility of Engineers VIEW
1965-03-27 039 Questions Concerning Three Levels of Information Theory and the Trinity VIEW
1963-06-30 041 Proposed Social Engineering Research Problem VIEW
1967-01-21 041 Social Engineering VIEW
1963-07-01 042 Universal Militray Training VIEW
1963-07-02 043 A Plan for Investigation of the Relationship between Physics, Electrical Engineering and the Social Sciences VIEW
1967-01-22 044 A Commentary on Some Sermons of the Reverend Sidney A. Peterman: The Liesure to Hate; Myths, Legends, and Learning; and the Common Faith of Man!. VIEW
1961-05-18 045 Steps Toward Effective Social Action VIEW
1967-01-22 045 Cybernetics VIEW
1965-05-16 045A The Demise of the Spartan YMCA - YMCA and the Negentropy of the United Fund of Santa Clara County VIEW
1965-05-08 046A Cybernetics and the Next Step in Civilization VIEW
1965-03-20 046B A Hypothesis on the Negative Entropy of Scociological Systems as a Measure of the Respect for Human Freedom VIEW
1967-07-16 046CD A Short Bibliography on Cybernetics and Related Topics in Communication Theory VIEW
1961-06-28 047 Art, Science, and Public Understanding VIEW
1962-05-09 048 Historical Notes VIEW
1962-05-10 049 Representative of Cultural Background Accessible to Me During Period of 1929-1941 VIEW
1963-07-02 051-052 Historical Notes, Parts II, III, & IV VIEW
1963-07-07 053A Historical Notes: Part V: Search for a Moral Law VIEW
1961-11-27 054 Engineering & CG Jung VIEW
1962-03-01 054A Historical Notes VI: World War II Reconversion, Obstacles to Interdisciplinary Studies and Other Factors VIEW
1967-01-25 054B Historical Notes: My Transition from Microwave Radar to Computer Engineering VIEW
1961-03-22 055 Society, Engineering, & Society VIEW
1965-10-07 055B Specialization and Dehumanization VIEW
1967-01-27 055C The Philosophy of General Systems Theory VIEW
1961-03-20 056 The Engineer in a Democratic Society VIEW
1967-01-29 056A Potential Impact of Electrical Communication Theory on Political Ideology VIEW
1966-04-24 056B Equilibrium Between Order and Diversity as a Crucial Factor in the Development of Democratic Institutions VIEW
1967-01-29 056C Engineers and Democratic Institutions VIEW
1967-01-29 056D Problems on Taking a Stand on the Social Responsibility of Engineers VIEW
1967-01-31 057 The Concept of Social Engineering: VIEW
1967-01-30 058A Construction and Testing of Hypotheses VIEW
1965-07-26 058B A Comparison of the Complexity of Testing Thematic Hypotheses in the Physical Sciences and Social Sciences (abstract only) VIEW
1961-11-02 059 Loyalty Oaths & Regulations VIEW
1962-10-14 061 Quest for Understanding the Relationship of Engineering Work to Culture VIEW
1966-03-13 062 Discussion of the Structure Ethical Rules in the Human Mind VIEW
1970-03-16 062A Collapsing or Concentration of Three Generations of Ethical Change into One Generation VIEW
1967-01-31 063 Engineering Work And Social Responsibility VIEW
1962-11-23 064 Thoughts on Relationship Between Engineering Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Political and Religious Groups VIEW
1965-08-19 064A On Communication Theory in the Cause of Man VIEW
1962-05-17 065 Frontier Problems of Engineering Sociology: a Book Proposal VIEW
1964-02-16 065B Short Bibliography of Cybernetic, Information Theory, and General Systems Theory VIEW
1962-10-10 065C Research Plan for "Communication Theory in the Cause of Man" VIEW
1963-05-22 065E Abstract of A Research Plan for "Communication Theory in the Cause of Man" VIEW
1967-01-31 065FH Historical Notes on Preparation of, Outline of Supporting Arguments for, and Outline of the Communication Theory in the Cause of Man VIEW
1970-01-03 066 Creativity, Ethics, and Specialization in Engineering VIEW
1962-02-24 067 Peace and Freedom VIEW
1965-03-13 068A Proposed Stages of Application of Cybernetics to the United States Political and Economic System VIEW
1963-07-06 070B Chronological Sequence of Ideas in this Series VIEW
1967-02-01 071 Discussion of 'Social Engineering', 'Engineering Sociology', or 'Communication Theory in the Cause of Man' VIEW
1967-02-03 072 Continuation of Discussion of Engineering Sociology VIEW
1967-02-07 073A General plan of Graduate Study (1946-1950) VIEW
1967-02-09 073B A Philosophy of Engineering for the 1960's VIEW
1967-02-10 074 Potential Relationships Between Biological Systems and Computers: Electric Eels and General Systems Theory VIEW
1964-11-06 075 Problems of Civilization: Future Perspective VIEW
1964-02-21 076A The Connection Between the Man-to-Computer Relationship and the Functioning of Human Civilization VIEW
1965-03-27 076B A Perspective of Three Eras: Force, Power, and Information VIEW
1967-03-12 077A Application of Philosophy And Sociology to Estimate Requirements for New Computers and/or Terminal Devices VIEW
1973-01-01 079 Distribution of Political Literature to Maximize Negentropy VIEW
1962-05-17 082 Problems of Specialization & Irresponsibility VIEW
1983-03-28 082A Major World Problems Classified by Grade and Time to Go Critical VIEW
1962-05-17 083 Information Theory & Engineering Sociology VIEW
1962-05-17 084 Cybernetics & General Systems Theory VIEW
1962-05-17 085 Human Values (Analogies of Communication Theory) VIEW
1964-12-30 086A Ethics & The Thermodynamic Imperative VIEW
1965-03-20 087 An Outlook on US Defense Policies for 1965-1975 VIEW
1964-05-31 088 Negentropy and the Concepts of Freedom, Democracy, and Justice (Article) VIEW
1963-12-27 088B Negentropy and the concepts of Freedom, Democracy, and Justice FULL VIEW
1967-03-18 089a An Estimate of the Communication Entropy of a Series of Military Policies VIEW
1964-06-21 090A Historical Perspective of Cybernetics and Information Theory VIEW
1965-09-03 091 Four Philosophical Tools For Improving our Insights Regarding the Problems of Disarmament VIEW
1964-07-08 092B A General Systems Theoretic Model for the Estimation of the Negentropy of Sociological Systems Through the Application of Two Isomorphic Electrical Communication Networks. VIEW
1966-01-31 093J Cybernetics and Public Order VIEW
1969-01-01 093K A Snapshot of Cybernetic Models & Technologies VIEW
1965-05-01 094A A Perspective of the Functions of the Major US Organizations in Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Information Theory VIEW
1965-09-17 094B Some Services, Techniques, and Data which have been Announced as Available on Contract to Clients for Economic Studies VIEW
1965-12-27 096B A Comparison of the Complexity of Testing Thematic Hypotheses in the Physical Sciences and Social Sciences (full paper) VIEW
1968-07-27 101B The Evolution of Non-Violence from a Universe Characterized by Violence VIEW
1967-08-09 103 How can we Judge the Morality of the United States\'s Action in Vietnam? VIEW
1970-04-23 103 Three Eras of Civilization VIEW
1969-12-01 130 Negative Feedback Loops of Cybernetics VIEW
1969-03-06 136 Cybernetics and The Disconnected Society VIEW
1968-11-20 181F Weighting of Display Space for Political and/or Religious Organizations by Use of the Product of the Probability VIEW
1967-10-25 182 Letter to David Shapiro VIEW
1968-08-01 183 The I Ching, Information Theory, and Epicosm Models VIEW
1968-03-10 184 Proposed Course for Midpensula Free University Spring 1968 VIEW
1968-06-20 189 Duality in Physics, Information Theory, Philosophy, & Society VIEW
1968-08-11 194B To Reduce the Sterility of Science VIEW
1969-01-29 195 how to Use Cybernetics to Beat the Bureaucracy VIEW
1968-11-29 199b A Hypothesis on the Impact of Cybernetics and Computer Technology on Human Civilization VIEW
1970-01-28 210A Proposal for Using Concepts from Cybernetics to Help Solve an Emplyee Communication Problem concerning Company Bulletin Boards VIEW
1969-10-09 211b Workshop Outline on Cybernetic Aspects of Social and Technical Processes that Endanger the Ecological Balance VIEW
1970-01-05 217a Technological Meditation VIEW
1974-01-01 262 Theoretical Analysis of Fairness of Voting District Apportionment VIEW
1974-02-03 263 Developing a Link between Theory and Practice in the Rules for Certifying New Political Parties VIEW
1980-10-03 420 The Sociological Entropy of Electing City Council Members by District VIEW
1974-02-18 602 Impact of Changing Life Styles on the Unitarian-Universalist Movement in the US VIEW
1975-09-01 605 Bulletin Board Space Allocation VIEW