IBM Technology & Electrical Engineering


  • 2,899,657 Multiple Path Coherer, with E. P. Quade; 1955
  • 2,957,315 Methods & Apparatus for Printing on Heat Sensitive Media; 1957
  • 2,994,736 Control System; 1958

Note: Many papers were originally published by IBM as company confidentials. All of such papers below have since been declassified.

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1941-01-01 Coupling of Power from a Resonant Circuit to Waveguide or Load at Microwave Frequencies VIEW
1947-01-10 The History of Electromagnetic Theory VIEW
1947-05-26 History of Electromagnetic Theory (abstract) VIEW
1951-01-11 Bethe's Lumped Constants for Small Irises VIEW
1952-11-01 Coupling Between Waveguides and Cavity Resonators for Large Power Output VIEW
1953-07-28 Electrical Properties of Solaramic Coatings VIEW
1953-10-15 Electrical Characteristics of Card Stock VIEW
1953-10-15 The Coupled Q and the Shift in Resonant Frequency of Some Resnatron Anode Resonators VIEW
1953-10-22 The Coherer as a Storage Element VIEW
1953-10-30 Electrostatic Dielectric Storage VIEW
1954-04-28 Coherer Bibliography VIEW
1956-03-20 Comparison of Methods of Magnetic Recording VIEW
1956-04-09 Electronic Automatic Addressing VIEW
1956-05-08 Calculation of ^F and Qc by use of Stationary Integral Equation for an Iris Coupled VIEW
1956-05-11 Coherer Characterstics Part I: Intoduction, Physical Phenomena, Probability, and Time Delay VIEW
1956-05-14 Coherer Characteristics Part 2: Materials, Life Test, Reliability, ad Applications VIEW
1956-11-01 A High-Resolution Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Head VIEW
1957-03-19 Preliminary E.R.A.D. VIEW
1957-04-10 Preliminary Proposal for a Research Project on Facsimile Character Perception Error Rate as a Function of Signal Generation method, Matrix Resolution, Transmission Line S/N (Random & Impulse). Type Size, And other conditions VIEW
1957-05-15 Analysis of Block Length in Error Checking VIEW
1957-05-24 Signal Space VIEW
1957-06-06 Preliminary Note on Application of Statistical Decision Theory to Business Data Systems VIEW
1957-06-24 Decision Rules for Different Filters VIEW
1957-10-15 Probability of Undetected Errors in Various Data Transmission Systems VIEW
1957-11-15 A Preliminary Report of Certain Wescon Sessions, August 1957 VIEW
1958-03-27 Extracted Signal Space VIEW
1958-04-09 Cable Installation Costs VIEW
1958-04-28 Preliminary Survey of the Application of Communication Theory and Related Theoretical Techniques to Data Transmission and other Machine Component Areas VIEW
1958-06-20 Joint Committee Report on Large Scale Memory Addressing VIEW
1958-12-20 Primary Cable Constants VIEW
1958-12-22 Application of Communication Theory to Data Communication VIEW
1959-01-01 Optimum Block Length for Data Transmission with Error Checking VIEW
1959-03-06 Noise Sources of Significance in Data Transmission VIEW
1959-04-14 Some Examples of Single and Double Adjacent Error Corection VIEW
1959-05-27 Supplementary Notes On Optimum Block Length for Data Transmission VIEW
1959-08-11 Computer Simulation Program for Detection of Signals in Noise VIEW
1959-12-15 Application of Decision Theory to Voice Reognition Machines, with an Illustrated Example VIEW
1960-01-06 Bibliography on Cable Characteristics for Data Communication VIEW
1960-02-05 Survey of Cable Characteristics for Data Communication VIEW
1960-03-11 Formative Time Lag and Probability of Firing of Coherers VIEW
1960-03-16 Information Retrieval Problems in the Distant Future VIEW
1960-03-30 Error Correcting Codes VIEW
1960-04-19 Coding of Error Data VIEW
1960-05-03 Comparisons between the Brain and Automatic Computer Machines VIEW
1960-05-13 Noise Space VIEW
1960-05-16 Bibliography of Communication Theory VIEW
1960-05-17 Proposal for Computer Simulation of Error-Correcting Codes VIEW
1960-05-24 Bibliography on Coding (Alphabets) VIEW
1960-10-25 Patent for Apparatus for Printing on Heat Sensitive Media VIEW
1961-08-01 Patent on Keyboard Access Control System VIEW
1961-10-02 Survey of The Remote Scientific Computing Problem VIEW
1962-01-01 Error Detector and Automatic Control Unit Design for Use with the Line Speed Buffer VIEW
1962-04-02 The History of Electromagnetic Theory VIEW
1962-07-10 Image Classification and Coding for Transmission over Communication Channels VIEW
1962-12-13 Error-Detecting Codes for Computer Data Communication Systems VIEW
1965-03-05 Real Time Computer Simulation of the National Economy VIEW
1965-07-20 Image Information, Classification, and Coding VIEW
1965-08-17 Scientific Information Storage and Retrieval: A Survey of the Principal Types of Systems VIEW
1968-10-15 Reliability of 2400-Baud Digital Transmission over VGF Mobile Radio Links VIEW
1970-12-01 Evaluation of Error Detecting Codes for 2400-Baud Digital Transmission over VHF Radio Links VIEW
1972-08-18 Error Detection Parameters for NCI Compressed Data Sets VIEW
1978-12-31 Evaluation of Image Compression for Insurance Industry Documents VIEW