Welcome to the memorial website of Fred Bernard Wood III

Frederick Bernard Wood’s professional lifetime covered numerous issues and topics, from peace to social responsibility, radar technology to new energy technology, data communications to computer networking, and environmental protection to conscious co-evolution.

He produced hundreds of published papers and a like number of unpublished working papers, generated thousands of pages of personal journal entries, and amassed a personal library of over 4,000 volumes.

Like Nikola Tesla and other visionaries that came before him, he was a man ahead of his time. He had at times great difficulty in finding an audience for his issues during his adult lifetime. Yet, as so often happens with futurists and systems thinkers, many of Fred Bernard Wood’s lifetime issues are now front and center before the US and global communities.

Hopefully his life work, and his legacy of vigorous and creative intellectual study and thought, and his voluminous working materials, can be of assistance to the current generations of humankind in searching for future directions.

One of Fred Bernard Wood’s notable contributions was to highlight the social responsibility of scientists and engineers. For him, this meant wearing different hats for different roles, as shown in the sketch above. He was an electrical engineer by day working for a major corporation, and a citizen-philosopher and citizen activist by nights and weekends. He was active throughout his adult life with varied scientific, professional, and philosophical/spiritual organizations, ranging from the International Society for the Systems Sciences, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, to the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Unitarian Universalist Church, to the Earth Regeneration Society and the San Jose Peace Center.

His life and times epitomized the truth recognized by Thomas Jefferson that an active, informed citizenry is one of the best bulwarks against tyranny and a prerequisite of effective democracy.

We hope this web site accomplishes four goals: honor the lifetime commitment and contributions of Frederick Bernard Wood; make his collective professional and scientific life works readily available to the public at large; bring systems thinking to bear and better inform the dialog on several major issues now facing the US and the global community; and encourage interested persons to consider wearing the hats of citizen-philosopher and citizen-activist, whatever their formal jobs or careers may be.